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Congress Agrees: Early Childhood Matters!

Congress is still getting some work done in the midst of impeachment and partisanship showmanship. Earlier this month, Republicans and Democratics came together to introduce the Creating Early Childhood Leaders Act. This legislation seeks to support higher quality for programs where our youngest citizens spend large parts of their days.

If you are in early childhood as a profession, you already know that quality matters. The developing brain of an infant through preschooler has been well researched. When a child receives nurturing, responsive caregiving by consistent caregivers, developmental outcomes for that child will be greatly enhanced.

Let's support our congressional leaders in working together to make early childhood more important on the national stage. But in our own neighborhoods, let's remember to talk to others about what happens to a child's brain in the first first years of their lives. And let's remember to tell parents that their choices matter, too. In fact, they should get to choose among high quality options that they can afford and access in the United States of America.

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