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Coping with a Loss of Words

I have been sheltered in place since early March, like many of you. I've had limited exposure to others outside of groceries and necessary trips for prescriptions etc. We've all been experiencing similar emotions if one can believe social media and television--people are both struggling with isolation and also being very innovative in finding ways to stay connected.

I have not written a blog in more than a month. One thing that happened to me right away was an inability to form words well, or put thoughts down. Reading, except for obsessively looking at news reports online, has been difficult for me. I am a writer so this is particularly distressing. Words have rarely been hard for me until now. I am struggling with this inability to express myself through words, language, once something I took easily for granted.

I don't know if we are nearing any kind of end to CoVid19 or if things will get worse before they get better. I also don't know if I will find words again when I am back to some sort of normalcy, or routine, or life rhythm again. I don't even know what that looks like in my mind.

I am writing this today to try to express the anxiety I have around this loss, among all the other losses. This one is tangible and intangible at the same time. It is real to me and it makes me grieve yet one more thing I am missing even while I am grateful for so much.

If you want to share some thoughts with me, please communicate with me through the website here or at I wonder if others feel some of the same things as I am expressing here? I would like to hear or learn more.

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