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Coronavirus Unicorns

Our granddaughter asked her grandpa for a pony for Christmas. I think, from a child's point of view, that is a reasonable request. After all, we live on a farm half of the year. with cows and chickens. To her, we are the logical place to go with such a request. However, after she thought about it for only a moment, she said, "Actually, I want a unicorn. And I want it to be real".

A real unicorn. In your life, how many times have you wished for a real unicorn? Everything is possible when you are 5-years-old. In the movie Jingle Jangle, the character Journey Jangle says "I'm the possible in impossible". I think now might be the time for all of us to start wishing for unicorns again.

Maybe, actually, our unicorns are real and have arrived before the holidays. We finally have a vaccine for the Coronavirus and are vaccinating people as early as Monday. It may take a while to get the herd immunity we need, but the possible in impossible is here.

I don't make light of the impact of the coronavirus. There has been immeasurable loss for many people and there is still more grief ahead. But it is possible now to see an end to this devastating disease. We still need to be tested, to wear masks, to be safe--our vigilance is still essential. No one said unicorns were easy to care for! They will require a commitment. But I think my five-year-old has the right idea: wish for what seems impossible and be grateful when it happens!

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