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"I just do not think our psyches were developed to hold, feel and respond to everything coming at them right now; every tragedy, injustice, sorrow and natural disaster happening to every human across the entire planet. In real time every minute of every day. The human heart and spirit were developed to be able to hold, feel and respond to any tragedy, injustice, sorrow or natural disaster that was happening IN OUR VILLAGE". (Nadi Bolz-Weber

When I read this quote, I was struck immediately with its truth. It spoke to me with so much clarity; an answer to my almost irrational feelings of anxiousness and yes, helplessness. And those feelings are persistent and ever-present. I am seeing now how the constant barrage of news is contributing to my psyche's inability to comprehend all that is going on around us.

I am guessing it speaks to many of you as well. We have felt a collective grief for the people who have lost their family and friends to Covid 19; sometimes that number has been overwhelming as it represents so much suffering. Now the numbers are climbing back up again, bringing with it our companion anxiety. The light at the end of the tunnel was supposed to be the vaccine but a new variant emerged as many refused vaccinations. Now, a new surge.

Tragedy in Haiti, Tennesee, the west coast. Hurricanes, floods and fire. It would seem almost apocalyptic if you let your mind go there. Our village, with all its needs, has become the whole world. How do we hold, feel and respond to this global need?

If you thought I wrote this because I have answers, I am sorry to disappoint. I am searching for meaning like all of you. However, I have decided that my neighbor is anyone I can help, in whatever way. They might be in Louisiana fighting the pandemic or in Afghanistan, fighting tyranny. I can love the person right in front of me because that is what I have. If we all do that, love, we may not change the course of hurricanes or disease, but we can change the human heart and spirit.

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Reading the paper in the morning is a dose of sadness, and it's not a pleasant way to start the day. Yet I feel it's necessary because I don't want to be uninformed. On the other hand, I love the sonnet titled, "The World Is Too Much with Us." Because it is.

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